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Build it with Timber

The construction industry is starting to boom again.  After a slight slump in the market more and more projects are being started.  With these projects the need for wholesale timber is also in demand.  Additional uses for timber can be found below.


When looking at timber the primary use case for it is for fuel.  This however is diminishing in different part of the world.  Many people are opting for other fuel sources such as coal and natural gas.  However, the use for timber as fuel is still widely used and isn’t going away any time soon.

Pulp and Paper

When processing timber the pulp created is the basic compound for paper.  The pulp is ground up into as fine a substance that it can before combined with other chemicals and run through a press.  The thin sheets are then processed, bleached, colored and cut to form the paper we use on a daily basis.

Synthetic Materials

Another use for timber is to create a synthetic material known as rayon.  This rayon is then processed further into creating synthetic textiles. 


The most common use people will think of however is using timber in buildings.  This timber can be processed in a variety of different ways to create support beams, decorative accesses and much more.  When we think of timber we typically think of using it the base material for buildings or the large heavy beams in buildings.

When using timber in construction it can be shaved, molded and utilized in a variety of different ways.  These ways make it a very popular and versatile material.

wholesale timber

As you can see the use cases for timber is great.  The harvesting and usage of this material will continue for a long period of time.  So, the next time you look at something like paper or another textile think to yourself, was this once timber?