The Green-Friendly Custodian

Now, if everyone could afford their own butler, the world would surely be a better place. The butler is a rather charming fellow of the old order. He would prefer it that you not refer to him as a gentleman. He is far too modest for that and it was not how he was brought up or trained to be. But indeed, the way this old boy behaves, you may as well call him a real fine gentleman. This is a man, would you believe, that wears a suit and tie, and waistcoat too, when he dons his crisply starched white apron and rustles up his custodial supplies from the storeroom just next to his small bedroom to commence his daily ritual of dusting and cleaning your chambers.

custodial supplies

He does all the rooms, all in one go. He is so old-fashioned, would you believe, that he refuses his master’s offer to purchase things like vacuum cleaners. Wouldn’t know how the ruddy things work anyhow, milord. Whether this is deliberate or innocent, no longer matters because get this, this old man is making his little contribution towards saving the environment. Even he is alarmed. It is a right, royal mess, sir. The butler is well aware that his master can afford pretty much anything he puts his mind to. And yet, out of habit, the custodian is still penny-pinching here and there. How else do you think he got his custodial supplies for a song?

What he might not have known at the time was that these supplies have all been recycled and reused somehow or another. The rag he is using to wipe the windows? It could be young master’s vest that he tossed out all those years ago. The life and times of the green-friendly custodian. Indeed.